Redirecting Self-Therapy (RST) for anxiety, depression, codependency, all addictions, nervous and mental disorders, and aggressive behavior.

"I searched endlessly for help from depression, dread, fear, and emptiness in my life. It's working. It's all ringing true. I feel alive for the first time ever. I feel joy, a sense of well-being and relief. The theory is brilliant, simple, and beautiful. Cathy”

"I was chronically depressed for 25 years. Now it is three months since I felt depressed. I can't believe I am saying this, having turned round and round in circles for 10 years in talk therapy. Now I trust my own body and soul to know the way. Lynn”

“I am still marveling that IT REALLY WORKS!!! These simple measures are an incredible gift to enable people to get their life back. I was depressed for 50 years and recovered completely from depression in just a month of redirecting. And my food addiction is gone. Shirley”

"The months I poured into detoxification/redirection have sure paid off. It has recently dawned on me what a gift this normalcy is. Nothing dramatic, just satisfaction and ease - time to get back to life. Carl”

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Redirecting self therapy (free) permanently relieves depression and brings full recovery from bipolar disorders, mood disorders, co-dependency, alcoholism, all addictions, aggressive or violent behavior, nervous and mental illness, psychosomatic illness, symptoms of Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease. The self therapy is proven to work because it is based on the discovery of the biology of mental illness and violence published in a peer-reviewed medical journal and has been %100 effective for all who used the therapy as described. "It works if you work it!"

E. Van Winkle, Retired Neuroscientist, Millhauser Laboratories of the Dept of Psychiatry, NY University School of Medicine

Mailing address: Murrary Hill Station, P.O. Box 893, New York, NY10156

The Redirecting Self-Therapy (RST)

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My Personal Story of Recovery:

Confessions of a Schizophrenic

The Scientific Proof in Medical Hypotheses

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Redirecting Self-Therapy in 23 Languages

The article can be printed out as a one sheet pamphlet in the following languages. Go to the end of each of these articles. Self help for depression-Arabic Self help for depression-Bengali Self help for depression-Simplified Chinese Self help for depression-Traditional Chinese Self help for depression-Burmese Self help for depression-Czech Self help for depression-Dutch Self help for depression-French Self help for depession-German Self help for depression-Greek Self help for depression-Hebrew Self help for depression-Hungarian Self help for depression-Italian Self help for depression- Self help for depression-Japansese Self help for depression-Korean Self help for depression-Polish Self help for depresison-Portuguese Self help for depression-Russian Self help for depression-Serbo-Croatian Self help for depression-Turkish Self help for depression-Spanish Self help for depression-Urdu Self help for depression-Vietnamese

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